Centerline Youth Defense (7-12)

Teaches real world self defense and discipline through Jujutsu (Gracie), Grappling, and Striking

Your children can now learn Jujutsu (Gracie), Grappling, Boxing/Kick Boxing, Fitness, and Self Defense. Our Centerline Youth Defense Class in conjuction with our adult classes starts with a focus on fitness and team work before moving into drills and techniques. We seek to provide the best instruction for your child in both form and technique and strive to give them the encouragement to learn a complete martial arts system. With these classes, your child will learn life skills and feel great about themselves. We are not a black belt factory. All progression is earned. But most of all, they will have fun learning Jujutsu (Gracie), Grappling, Boxing/Kick Boxing, and Self Defense. Drop offs are welcome. More classes may be added depending on enrollment.

Some benefits of studying Martial Arts are:
Self Respect Discipline Self Confidence
Improved Focus Improved Grades Team Work
Life Skills Self Defense Increased Health
Fitness Problem Solving Bully Proofing