Affiliation Instructors

Centerline Martial Arts holds strict standards for all our instructors and coaches. Our Affiliate program ensures top quality instructors and coaches. Only those that have completed Instructor Training Program under Chris Damiano will be Certified Instructors. The Following are our Affiliation Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches across the United States:

Official Training Center: An academy that has met and teach all of Centerline Martial Arts Curriculums and Programs.

Certified Training Center: An academy that has met Centerline Martial Arts requirements in at least one of it’s Instructor Programs.

Affiliate School: An academy or individual that is teaching in the Affiliation Program and is working to fulfill the requirments to complete the Instructor Program.

Associate School: An academy or individual that is not in the Affiliation Program but has met basic teaching requirements and been tested by Chris Damiano.

Centerline Martial Arts Team Groundworks Jujutsu Destin, FL
Official Training Center and Headquarters
Chris Damiano - Head Instructor and Founder
(850) 585-6153

West County Wing Chun, St. Louis, MO
Certified Training Center
Dennis Moreland - Level 2 Instructor
(314) 919-6108

Centerline Martial Arts Boston, MA
Affiliate School
Blake Williams - Coach
(850) 586-3606

Centerline Martial Arts Las Vegas, NV
Associate School
Don McCain - Assistant Instructor Certified
(850) 499-5293