Jujutsu (Gracie)

Complete self defense system including striking


Centerline Martial Arts Team Groundworks is under the guidance of Rikson Gracie Black Belt Sensei Brandon Hetzler founder of Jugoshin Ryu Jujutsu. Jujutsu is a complete self defense system focused on grappling and striking. It is based on the principle that a smaller and weaker person will be more likely to survive against a bigger, stronger assailant in a real self defense situation by techniques based on leverage and body mechanics (e.g., joint locks and choke holds). We teach a step by step, proven method to get you results quickly for a real world self defense scenario.

Training includes:
Drilling techniques (non-resisting partner) Sparring or “rolling” (fully resisting partner)
General cardio and agility work Self Defense
Live training (combat simulation)



This Striking Class focuses on the “Sweet Science” or Western Boxing and Kickboxing. Western Boxing is known for its angle, footwork, speed, head movement, and devastating punching power. Kickboxing uses hands, knees, elbows, and legs. Clinching techniques and takedowns are part of the curriculum and are taught in conjunction with the Jujutsu class.

The Curriculum:
Cardio Work Tool Development Focus Mitts
Takedown Work Defense/Counter Footwork/Position
Partner Training Clinch Work Sparring
Head Movement Pad Work/Bag Work